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Open Network for Sharing Economy

Decentralised operating system for sharing platforms and marketplaces

Our Vision

Sharing goods and services should be as easy as sharing information. We shall leverage the power of blockchain technology and distributed computing to build a decentralised protocol that benefits all stakeholders within the Sharing Economy.

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What is the Sharing Economy?

The Sharing Economy is a new economic paradigm that strives to redress the financial and environmental inadequacies of a purely consumer driven economy. Find out how sharing platforms and applications have impacted the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services across the world.

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What is Rayy?

Rayy will be the world’s first community powered blockchain protocol, tailored to unleash the true potential of the sharing. Find out how Rayy will fortify the global Sharing Economy and its participants with its revolutionary approach.

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What is Rentalcoins?

Rentalcoins is an ERC-20 token that will power Rayy’s transformative Inventory Distribution Network (IDN). Rentalcoins will be used as the unit of account and store of value by stakeholders when they utilise the suite of decentralised solutions built on the IDN.

Discover the Rayy Ecosystem (Coming Soon)

A decentralised metasearch engine that lets users search and compare inventories from multiple sharing platforms and make bookings in seconds.


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